Climate Change Resilience and Data Analytics

Sustainable CUNY - NYC Solar Map

Proficiency in basic data science is now essential for all high-skill jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This includes:

  • - The ability to work with quantitative, narrative, image and geospatial data.
  • - The ability to discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns from data.
  • - The ability to synthesize data from a variety of sources beyond their primary discipline.

CUNY TRELLIS program activities support data science skills training through experiential learning. Students work with real-world datasets and apply skills learned in their fundamental courses to develop practical solutions.

The impacts and response to climate change is also emerging as a critical issue in many STEM fields, including those not conventionally related to earth and environmental sciences. In response, we have chosen Climate Change Resilience in New York City as a central theme for our STEM workforce development activities. This theme provides opportunities for students to work as part of interdisciplinary teams and to analyze data related to natural systems, social systems, infrastructure and the economy,